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Contact Lenses

With more than three million people across the UK enjoying the benefits of wearing contact lenses, our dedicated contact lens practitioner can help you find the correct lenses for you.

Recent advances in contact lens technology means that contact lenses are now available for most prescriptions.

We fit a wide range of prescriptions from standard single vision lenses, torics for astigmatism through to multifocals. And we can now even fit contact lenses to children to help control Myopia (short sight).

Your Contact Lens Options

With various ways of wearing contact lenses, we will be able to find the perfect solution to all your eye care needs. From daily disposables, two-weekly replacement, monthly and continuous wear lenses, there is something to suit all eyes and budgets.


‘Aftercare’ is a term typically applied to ongoing follow-up appointments after contact lenses have been fitted. Our contact lens aftercare is second to none and is included in the cost of all our contact lenses - a service which internet contact lens suppliers cannot provide. Contact lens aftercare appointments (different to sight tests) are an essential part of wearing contact lenses.  Our Optometrist or contact lens practitioner will check the health of your eyes, the condition of your lenses and make sure that you are getting the optimum vision.

As an Independent Opticians we are not restricted in our choice of lenses that we can supply and will always choose the most suitable contact lenses for you.

Contact Lens Ranges