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An Advanced 3d OCT Eye Scan

We now offer Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). This is a quick, simple and painless imaging test which uses light waves to take a detailed 3-dimensional image of your eye. Using this sophisticated scanner, the OCT, we can see each of the retina’s distinctive layers allowing us to map and measure their thickness. These measurements help with diagnosis and also provide treatment guidance for glaucoma and diseases of the retina.

Regular scans will help us spot small but significant changes earlier than before. We can therefore diagnose sooner and more confidently, manage the symptoms and refer you to a specialist for further treatment, should this be required.

If you have a family member with glaucoma or age related macular degeneration (AMD), or you have medical conditions including diabetes or high blood pressure, an OCT scan is recommended.

The test takes approximately 10 minutes, is non-invasive and without the need for drops. When booking your next eye examination make sure you ask about an OCT scan.