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Eye Examinations

Bushey Heath Opticians offer both NHS and Private Sight tests.

Regular eye examinations should be part of your ongoing healthcare. Not only to ensure the optimum level of vision but helping in the early detection of many ocular problems including glaucoma, cataracts and age related macular degeneration. An eye examination also helps in the detection and monitoring of high blood pressure and diabetes.

The health of our patients is our priority. As an independent practice we are able to make time for all our patients. We provide you with an in-depth insight into your eye health by always making a comprehensive diagnostic assessment. This enables us to detect and monitor problems, and when needed, we will make the necessary clinical referrals. We work in collaboration with local hospitals and consultants who provide specialist testing and will talk you though the whole process in order to make your journey as easy as possible.

Our eye examination helps us assess the overall health of your eyes.

For those who require it we include Visual Field Testing which tells us how much of the world you can see in a glance.

Glaucoma is an eye condition that causes damage to the optic nerve. If left untreated it can lead to loss of sight, or even blindness. For this reason, we always include Glaucoma Screening for patients over the age of 40.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) screening. AMD is usually gradual and does not affect the peripheral vision. This means that it does not cause total blindness so in some cases can go undetected. Central vision can be lost over time so it is important that we can diagnose and monitor from the early onset.

Retinal Photography, although not part of the standard sight test, is available on request for a small fee. The retina can reveal early warning signs of serious conditions including macular degeneration, diabetes, glaucoma, retinal and vitreous detachments and even cancer.

Eye examinations are routinely carried out every 2 years, although some people may need to be seen more frequently.